Small Works

For a decade I was told that the only way to create lasting impact is to scale. As the previous organization I co-founded became more successful the drum beats of scale became louder and louder. As we scaled up, the quality of our work decreased. The idea of 'social impact design' became a catch all for anything that was a minor improvement and lowest common denominator innovation is sometimes worse than not getting involved.

Working Beyond Sustainability

Sustainable architecture has reached a strange tipping point. we have entered the Moore's Law of Sustainability - where technology is moving at such a speed that our ideals of a 'sustaining' world are being usurped by technological solutions to it. The built environment isn't about how high we can pierce the sky but how deeply we can transform communities. True sustainability is created when design is a tool for equity and stitching together communities - ideally within both the natural and built environments

Lean, green and a little mean

The truth is, the most sustainable building in the world is one that is already built. Most importantly it is loved.

You shouldn't fly

Believe in the improbable.