We have four main practice areas; Historic Preservation and Cultural Programs; Disaster Mitigation and Reconstruction; Design Innovation in Conservation and Wildlife Protection and Design Activism.

Typically each area requires different approaches to working and  team members. When approached to work on a project, we assemble the team from the Archi.Network, develop a scope of services and bring in strong partners.


Design and Construction

  • Needs assessment /site analysis

  • Community-based design process

  • Support on a capital campaign

  • Holistic design and green building practices

  • Contract documents/ bid/tender process

  • Construction oversight

  • Post-occupancy analysis


  • Program development and administration

  • Creation of community design centers

  • Local labor & skills training

  • Risk and liability management

  • Assessment of financing models

  • Coordination of stakeholders

  • Identification and development of financing tools and models