Our Philosophy: Design Matters

There is no single solution to responding to crisis or prescribed answer to a community need. By designing and building highly adaptable solutions that are relevant to the context and involve the community as a partner, we can create a ground up methodology. 

Design is the expression of a community’s vision for change. The design process encourages community groups to set goals and work together to achieve them. By celebrating small victories along the way, community members are empowered to become stakeholders and to pursue larger long-term goals.


  • Environmentally and culturally appropriate design.

  • The removal of typical barriers to participation, such as formal hearings or forced locations.

  • Communication between different sectors and interests in the community, including government organizations, religious organizations and individuals.

  • The ability to convey complex ideas simply to expert and non-expert participants alike through the use of graphics and 3-D models and other visual presentations.

  • The prioritization of issues by and with those most affected by the decision-making process

  • Opportunities for skills training and advancement.

  • Greater local capacity for decision-making and economic development.

For the past 8 years we have partnered with social ventures, cultural institutions, non profits and foundations to implement hyper local building solutions. We work in community development, cultural conservation and reconstruction programs.

Archi.NYC and the Archi.Network was founded by Cameron Sinclair, who pioneered and advocated for socially relevant architecture and human centric design. He has worked with numerous agencies and organizations in construction, philanthropy, hospitality and community development including Airbnb, Architecture for Humanity and the Jolie Pitt Foundation.


The heart of Archi,NYC is to create innovative solutions in the hardest hit areas of the world, from emergency shelter to to long term sustainable reconstruction to economic development.


We believe there is no silver bullet solution to  global issues. By engaging professional firms, creating alliances with strong partners and deep community engagement, we can develop sustainable and highly adaptable solutions.


Our work is more than talking about change, it is about building it. Our team has built in over 45 countries and have continued on projects until they are completed. We are not a start up, We are a stay through.